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the future of languages

The fastest way
to achieve fluency

the best way to speak languages

We solve the pain points.

Psychological Factors

Our studies indicate 3 major psychological limiters: Shyness, insecurity, fear of speaking wrong.

Quotidian Factors

3 main quotidian limiters:
Lack of time, lack of people to practice, lack of places to practice.

Way of Learning

There are great language schools.
Through our technology, we are complementary to all of them.


New mates worldwide

Discover friends all over the world.
Chat by voice or text messages and improve your proficience day by day.

Local or global

Choose a city, estate, country
or active the local mode
to find mates nearly.

Performance dashboard

keep up to date with your diary progress using our beautiful dashboard.
You gonna love it!

Become a global citizen

Practicing with people with distincts accents, fascinating cultures from different nations, you get the proficience faster than you ever imagine.

A unique methodology

Explore the most immersive experience!

We spend our lives doing language courses, but we know how difficult it is to achieve fluency without a regular practice. Matefy let you practice by unlimited voice/audio messages.

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Customers About Us

One of the best language apps I've ever used!

"I'm surprised at how friendly people are and how they genuinely are interested in learning."

Kevin Meyer
Geologist at Sandin

Brilliant dashboard. Love it!

"This feature is a complete game changing when we are talking about proficience and, why not about fluency?"

Jessica Owens
Teacher and Singer

My friends need to know Matefy!

"So many people would love to discover this app.
Sounds like an essential complement for language schools"

Lara Weckschmied
Economist at JW